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What clients say

Ro York is someone with vision and determination, able to persuade and enthuse others to share this vision


Having worked with Ro on various projects in connection with the NHS, it is clear she has an immense amount of expertise and knowledge of just how the NHS “thinks and operates”. She has been an invaluable member of our team

Business Solutions Manager, Major medical equipment supplier

Ro’s capacity for work and knowledge is incredible. She has consistently demonstrated an understanding of the needs of the agency, our clients and our volunteers, extracting the best from people. She has a warm character and relates well to people


Ro is both very process and people focused which consistently delivers the best results and is always keen to explore new ways of working


We appreciate her insights, organizational skills and tenacity, as well as her ability to network and gain commitment at all levels


Ro understood the complexity of the task and encouraged & facilitated personal leadership by GPs for whom this was a new role. Her events were a pleasure to attend because of her willingness to engage with people from different backgrounds and understandings; people want to work with her, and therefore with the organisation. I highly recommend Ro for events management and for project managing complex tasks that require many people to engage


Ro York

Ro York is someone of integrity and principle, committed to issues of equality, justice and development. She is determined, supportive, open and challenging


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